​Full Serviced Price

​The Full Serviced Price includes:

​Professional Fitting Service with a certified professional

A hearing aid will only ​unfold its full potential when it is personally fitted to its wearer needs. Each persons ear is build differently and combined with the various kinds and degrees of hearing loss, it is ​crucial that a hearing aid is fine tuned to its wearer.

​Official Manufacturer Warranty

​All manufacturers offer national and international warranties for their hearing aids. These warranties are only granted when the hearing aid is purchased with an official partner. Many ​online stores claim to provide this manufacturer warranty but often do not have an official ​partnership with the manufacturer.

​Full Service and Regular Checkups

​When purchasing with official partners you often receive complementary checkups throughout the year and minor repairing services for wear and tear parts like sleeves and tubes. In addition to this, you always have a local go-to professional when a mayor ​overhaul is needed.