The prices of hearing aids

​About all the positive things that are connected with hearing aids, their price is definitely the most controversial one. Many are in shock​ by the high price tags ​for quality hearing aids. ​

At Hearing Aid Review, we give you ​detailed information about what goes into the price of a hearing aid.

​What goes into the price of a hearing aid?

​Research & Development

​A big split of the final price on a hearing aid is determined by the amount of research and development that goes into its technology.


​As hearing aids are medical devices, manufacturers focus on using quality materials for internal electronics and external ​components.


Hearing aids are not a "one size fits all". Therefore many models require custom mold and individual shells and housings. 

​Fitting Service ​at Audiologist

Every hearing aid need to be tuned and adjusted the the individual needs of a customer. Therefor the hep of a professional Audiologist is advised. 

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